Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dreaming of... Vertigo

I love this movie. It is one of my most favorite Hitchcocks. 
However, if I were Marjorie (Midge) Wood....
My inner voice told me not to get involved with Scottie.
Must learn to trust my inner voice.
I would seriously reconsider my relationship with Johnny-O ("call me Scottie") Ferguson.
Ripe for a disability case
I am an attractive woman.
Not Judy Barton, but not bad.
I have a great job drawing underwear and live in a great apartment with a fantastic view.
Scottie liked to look
Great place, isn't it?
I offer my man liquor upon entry.
I'm sophisticated and accommodating. What more can you ask for?
I have intelligent friends and I know everyone.
I introduce Scottie to "Pop" Liebel
I am up for adventure.
I'm fun!
I have a sense of humor.
I'm funny!
But, no, this is not enough for this jerk and I let it get to me.
"Stupid, stupid, stupid!"
He believes this cock-and-bull story by a murdering con man and his moll.
How lucky were Elster and Judy to find a
sap to buy into this clap-trap?

Okay, she is beautiful, but really. Mad Carlotta, visions, attempted suicide where her shoes don't even come off her feet??????
I admit - hard to resist.
Sure, she fell into the bay, nearly drowned
and kept her pumps on. Right. Some detective.

And it drives him nuts.
Why couldn't it have been me that drove him over the edge????
Maybe I'll get some contact lenses.....
Did I say I was intelligent? I admit that I still have much to work on and am on my way to therapy now!

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  1. I found Midge quite attractive for all the reasons you mentioned. She would have been a lot of fun to hang with, but Scottie was driven by an obsession that left him blind to Midge's attributes. Or perhaps Scottie banished her to the Friend Zone. Whatever the case, it's his loss. Keep the glasses, though.