Monday, November 14, 2011

Dreaming of... Waterloo Bridge....

"Waterloo Bridge" is such a romantic film, but if I were Vivien Leigh's Myra (with her face, of course), I'd do things a bit differently.
First of all, look at me:
This swan was dying to get out of ballet and into the big time.
Do you really think I'd have trouble finding work? However, let's go with the story.

Not really sure I would fall for him. Oh he's nice, but don't you think I could do better?
Still can't get over Myra. I should have known he was a mama's boy.
He's better, but I guess even in my dreams I can't have everything.
I would have run away to America with him and never looked back.
Okay, okay...back to "Waterloo Bridge"....
I would have enjoyed our romance, but I'm not sure he was worth getting fired from the ballet.
Anyway, I am pretty sure Kitty and I could have succeeded in the variety show after that old crow dismissed me.
In the event that I REALLY had to take up street walking to  survive, I would have come up with a better outfits and would not have looked so dour.
I wonder how many customers you get with this expression?
The fact that he can't figure out what I am doing at Waterloo Station should have been a clue that he's a bit of a dim bulb.
But, good thing he isn't too bright. He takes me home to mother and the rest of the stuffed-shirt family.
"Guess what, Mother? I'm alive and I just bunked into Myra
wandering around Waterloo Station. How lucky was that?"
Now, here's where we have to get things straight. NO WAY would I feel guilty about what I had to do to survive. And NO WAY would I have had a meltdown in from of Lady Marjorie.
No - I would NOT jump off that bridge. 
Instead, I would have faked my death, hopped a steamer to the USA and found my way out to Hollywood.
There a girl's past isn't held against her and, as I said before, look at me. 
Really now, wouldn't that have so much more fun?

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  1. Waterloo Bridge is really a good love world movie of the old time and had proved "old is gold " .. I love to enjoy these movies , so that their precious integrity must retain always.