Friday, February 17, 2012

Dreaming of... How To Steal A Million

This is another one of those 60s movies that refuse to leave my consciousness. I guess I just have a soft spot for sparkling, frothy films that feature beautiful people in beautiful places (especially if it involves intrigue, art and a Paris locale). The story is really light as a feather, but there are three major things about this movie that I keep dreaming of:

1. The Beauty of Peter O'Toole. Was he ever more  handsome and romantic?
The start of my love affair with those blue eyes
and a series of swinging 60s Brits

2. The beauty of Audrey Hepburn. Dig that eye shadow!
From the moment I saw her, she was my idol

3. The fabulosity of Audrey's wardrobe. Everything I ever learned about fashion, I learned from Audrey.
Dressed for a drive

Love this "Cat Woman" look - totally ready for a caper!
What a couple - and especially love the pattered tights. 

The blazer, gold button and scarf are just divine -
as are those matching patterned tights

Audrey looked so pretty in yellow -
and white patterned tights - how 60s!
Every movie doesn't have to be a work of genius, right? Sometimes, it's just fun to remember how much fun you had at the movies.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dreaming of... My Movie Star Valentines

♥♥♥ I love movie stars
and love to getting
Valentines from them!♥♥♥
A Gorgeous Garbo Greeting
(I knew she was a softie)

Ann Sheridan wears her
heart on her, um,  heart

There can be no sweeter Valentine than Liz

Debbie offers a tree of
hearts for her Valentine

Audrey always captures hearts

Shirl-girl is just the cutest Valentine!

A Pair of Marilyns - Always the Queen of Hearts

Wishing you the happiest and
loveliest Valentine's Day that a
little movie star can shine your way!