Saturday, December 8, 2012

All Wrapped Up With A Bow

Beautiful presents come all wrapped up with a bow. Who wouldn't want to find one of these lovelies under the tree?
Clara Bow in a bow - how cute

Only Garbo's beauty could trump this bow!

Lovely Laura La Plante maximizes the bow look
by wearing them at her collar and wrists

Joan Bennett looks stunning in a basic black bow

Somewhere there is a bow in Liz's bonnet

Stripes and a bow!
Joan Blondell just couldn't be any cuter!

Ann Sheridan dares you to undo this bow.

Now, here are the bows 
(and beaus) I'd like to untie!
Slowly I unwrap......

Charlie looks so dapper in his bow tie

Yes, Gary, you too will soon be unwrapped

Gene - don't look so serious.
Bows and polka dots are for the light-hearted!

Ah, a perfect continental bow.

What a perfectly wonderful time under the tree!