Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dreaming of ....Broadway Melody of 1940

It's that shiny floor that grabs me. And the stars that sparkle and the great mirror effects.Well, that, and Begin the Beguine and Fred and Eleanor and her fluttery white dress (I'm also rather fond of her shoes).  And the effortless grace, ease, and joy that that floats off of the screen. It embraces me in happiness. I would be Eleanor, smiling, hair swirling in perfect time, magnificent and the subject of Mr. Astaire's awe and never-ending admiration. 

It's a lovely dream...
And by the way, what is the Beguine? I assume it's a dance, but have you ever actually seen anyone do the Beguine? Just one of those things that keeps me up and NOT dreaming.