Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Joan Crawford: A Study in Glamour

Before the change (the brows, the bad lip-liner, the hardened gaze), Joan Crawford was one of the most glamorous creatures ever produced by Hollywood. I love Joan because she took her stardom seriously. For Joan, her image, her glamour and her mystique was a full-time job. As a fan, what more could I ask?

This photo is of Joan right before her glory years of the 1930s, but she looks so cute, I had to add it:

These photos are of the Joan Crawford that ruled the cinema screens in the 1930s. The images speak for themselves. Words are not necessary.

Thank you, Joan. We know that stars don't really live on a remote mountain like shimmering gods and goddesses, but we appreciate your efforts in helping build this beautiful fantasy. For that, we are forever grateful.