Friday, November 25, 2011

Dreaming of... The Pink Panther

Dreaming of Blake Edward's "The Pink Panther" always makes me happy because it is purrfection! Awake or asleep, dreaming about or watching this movie makes me 100% happy.

First, there are the opening credits and the Henry Mancini theme song. Oh my, how much fun are they and, how delighted were you when you first saw them? And who doesn't know that theme song?
Next, the cast. Wow - a 1960s assortment of golden past, present and future stars, all familiar, all wonderful.

What can you say about Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau? The foolish accent, the foppery, the ego, and yes - zee genius! A characterization for the ages. Silly, but silly in the greatest, most generous form. He shares his foolishness with us and we love him for it. Although Sellers' Clouseau was on the side of the law, he stole the film from the "official" star, David Niven.
David Niven adds genuine star dust and continental charm to his role as playboy Sir Charles Lytton (aka the notorious jewel thief,  "The Phantom"). His elegance is effortless.
Robert Wagner as Niven's bad-boy nephew, George, adds some young blood to the scene. As apprentice to Niven, he learns from a master.
Claudia Cardinale. Was there a more beautiful woman on the screen in 1963? She is the ultimate Italian sex goddess (sorry, Sophia). As Princess Dala she wins hearts (and provides a few surprise moves of her own).
Capucine was the essence of elegance as Madame Clouseau, wife of our hero. She is a hoot as she makes love to Sir Charles and assists him in his robberies, all the while deceiving her clueless husband, who adores her.
And, finally, Blake Edwards' vision of a rollicking,  international good time. The locales (Paris, Rome, Hollywood and the Italian Alps), the clothes, the sets. Revolving door romances, a masquerade party and all's well that ends well. He brings us silliness and laughter touched with sophistication and glamour.
Oh, there is one thing that does make me growl - the stupid remake of 2006. Why, Steve Martin, why?? And twice, no less!
Don't waste your time with poor imitations when the real thing is available. Long live that darling panther, Clouseau and Blake Edwards. "Cheers" to the the joy of cinema!
One of my favorite characters, Cato (played by Burt Kwouk), does not appear until the second PP film, "A Shot in the Dark," (even funnier). He and Clouseau would go on to have some wonderfully funny epic "battles" in subsequent sequels. I just couldn't let you leave without sharing at least one from "The Pink Panther Strikes Again":
"The Pink Panther" did not charm the critics, but, hey, what do they know?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dreaming of... Thanksgiving With The Stars!

A little round-up of stars who collectively help me wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

The Hunters
Marilyn has the bird in her sights....

She looks downhearted, but I think 
she really let him get away.

Judy eyes her prey.

Jeanne Crain seems mighty at 
ease sharpening that hatchet.

Jean Arthur and Lillian Roth 
on the hunt for their meal.
My guess is Doris will let him 
go and bake tofu.
The Servers

Gwen Lee and Dorothy Sebastian 
share a wishbone

Judy does it all! She hunts and cooks!

Jimmy looks like an expert carver.

Ann Sheridan's portion
looks kind of big for just her.

Notice Joan's perfect manicure? 
I doubt if she stuffed that bird.
Some non-traditional Thanksgivings
Rudy Prefers pasta to turkey.

Leather shoe is Charlie's traditional meal

A Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dreaming of... Waterloo Bridge....

"Waterloo Bridge" is such a romantic film, but if I were Vivien Leigh's Myra (with her face, of course), I'd do things a bit differently.
First of all, look at me:
This swan was dying to get out of ballet and into the big time.
Do you really think I'd have trouble finding work? However, let's go with the story.

Not really sure I would fall for him. Oh he's nice, but don't you think I could do better?
Still can't get over Myra. I should have known he was a mama's boy.
He's better, but I guess even in my dreams I can't have everything.
I would have run away to America with him and never looked back.
Okay, okay...back to "Waterloo Bridge"....
I would have enjoyed our romance, but I'm not sure he was worth getting fired from the ballet.
Anyway, I am pretty sure Kitty and I could have succeeded in the variety show after that old crow dismissed me.
In the event that I REALLY had to take up street walking to  survive, I would have come up with a better outfits and would not have looked so dour.
I wonder how many customers you get with this expression?
The fact that he can't figure out what I am doing at Waterloo Station should have been a clue that he's a bit of a dim bulb.
But, good thing he isn't too bright. He takes me home to mother and the rest of the stuffed-shirt family.
"Guess what, Mother? I'm alive and I just bunked into Myra
wandering around Waterloo Station. How lucky was that?"
Now, here's where we have to get things straight. NO WAY would I feel guilty about what I had to do to survive. And NO WAY would I have had a meltdown in from of Lady Marjorie.
No - I would NOT jump off that bridge. 
Instead, I would have faked my death, hopped a steamer to the USA and found my way out to Hollywood.
There a girl's past isn't held against her and, as I said before, look at me. 
Really now, wouldn't that have so much more fun?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dreaming of... My Favorite Movie Vets

In honor of Veterans Day, I can't help dreaming about my favorite dreamy movie soldiers.

In no particular order, these soldiers all make my heart go pitter patter!

Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin is the hero doughboy of "Shoulder Arms"

Buster Keaton
One of the "Doughboys" in real life (thanks, Buster)

John Gilbert
The war vet of "The Big Parade"
James Cagney
The WWI hero of "The Roaring Twenties" who
returns home to find a different world
Dana Andrews
(with a little help from Fredric March 
and Harold Russell)
"The Best Years of Their Lives" - war was hell, coming home was harder
Tom Hanks
"Saving Private Ryan" - a man on honor on a mission of honor
Henry Fonda
"Mister Roberts" - battles are fought on many fronts
Jack Lemmon
"Mister Roberts" - Ensign Pulver! How long have you been on this ship?
William Holden
The anti-hero of "Stalag 17"
and, for his tireless service to our 
troops everywhere, Bob Hope
Thanks for the memories, Bob

To our real Vets, may the importance of your service never be forgotten♥

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dreaming of... Vertigo

I love this movie. It is one of my most favorite Hitchcocks. 
However, if I were Marjorie (Midge) Wood....
My inner voice told me not to get involved with Scottie.
Must learn to trust my inner voice.
I would seriously reconsider my relationship with Johnny-O ("call me Scottie") Ferguson.
Ripe for a disability case
I am an attractive woman.
Not Judy Barton, but not bad.
I have a great job drawing underwear and live in a great apartment with a fantastic view.
Scottie liked to look
Great place, isn't it?
I offer my man liquor upon entry.
I'm sophisticated and accommodating. What more can you ask for?
I have intelligent friends and I know everyone.
I introduce Scottie to "Pop" Liebel
I am up for adventure.
I'm fun!
I have a sense of humor.
I'm funny!
But, no, this is not enough for this jerk and I let it get to me.
"Stupid, stupid, stupid!"
He believes this cock-and-bull story by a murdering con man and his moll.
How lucky were Elster and Judy to find a
sap to buy into this clap-trap?

Okay, she is beautiful, but really. Mad Carlotta, visions, attempted suicide where her shoes don't even come off her feet??????
I admit - hard to resist.
Sure, she fell into the bay, nearly drowned
and kept her pumps on. Right. Some detective.

And it drives him nuts.
Why couldn't it have been me that drove him over the edge????
Maybe I'll get some contact lenses.....
Did I say I was intelligent? I admit that I still have much to work on and am on my way to therapy now!