Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dreaming of... My Favorite Movie Vets

In honor of Veterans Day, I can't help dreaming about my favorite dreamy movie soldiers.

In no particular order, these soldiers all make my heart go pitter patter!

Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin is the hero doughboy of "Shoulder Arms"

Buster Keaton
One of the "Doughboys" in real life (thanks, Buster)

John Gilbert
The war vet of "The Big Parade"
James Cagney
The WWI hero of "The Roaring Twenties" who
returns home to find a different world
Dana Andrews
(with a little help from Fredric March 
and Harold Russell)
"The Best Years of Their Lives" - war was hell, coming home was harder
Tom Hanks
"Saving Private Ryan" - a man on honor on a mission of honor
Henry Fonda
"Mister Roberts" - battles are fought on many fronts
Jack Lemmon
"Mister Roberts" - Ensign Pulver! How long have you been on this ship?
William Holden
The anti-hero of "Stalag 17"
and, for his tireless service to our 
troops everywhere, Bob Hope
Thanks for the memories, Bob

To our real Vets, may the importance of your service never be forgotten♥


  1. The scene in "Shoulder Arms" with Chaplin and his fellow soldiers trying to sleep in flooded quarters is hysterical - some necessary comedy for the real tragedy of war.

  2. Great! My favorites are especially "Best Years of Our Lives" that movie is so moving and beautiful!

  3. Robert Mitchum in "Heaven Knows Mr. Allison".

  4. Red Buttons and Marlon Brando, stationed in Japan in "Sayonara". Air Force Tear Jerker.

  5. Val - I love Charlie in "Shoulder Arms." My favorite scene is the one where he disguises himself as a tree.

  6. Thank you, Jessica! And yes, Annon - Mitchum is pretty dreamy - I should have remembered him!

  7. Willem DeFoe - "Platoon" - 1986