Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dreaming of... Thanksgiving With The Stars!

A little round-up of stars who collectively help me wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

The Hunters
Marilyn has the bird in her sights....

She looks downhearted, but I think 
she really let him get away.

Judy eyes her prey.

Jeanne Crain seems mighty at 
ease sharpening that hatchet.

Jean Arthur and Lillian Roth 
on the hunt for their meal.
My guess is Doris will let him 
go and bake tofu.
The Servers

Gwen Lee and Dorothy Sebastian 
share a wishbone

Judy does it all! She hunts and cooks!

Jimmy looks like an expert carver.

Ann Sheridan's portion
looks kind of big for just her.

Notice Joan's perfect manicure? 
I doubt if she stuffed that bird.
Some non-traditional Thanksgivings
Rudy Prefers pasta to turkey.

Leather shoe is Charlie's traditional meal

A Happy Thanksgiving to All!


  1. Great pictures! What a hoot! Some of the actresses look totally uncomfortable in those mini-pilgrim outfits (bet they felt really dumb). That picture of Valentino with the pasta is a gorgeous picture of him! And Ann Sheridan has rarely looked as cute and beautiful, and she always looks good in her pics. I really enjoyed this, got some great laughs. Happy Thanksgiving, girl!

  2. Thanks, Becky - same to you! I'm sure stars-to-be like Jean Arthur and Marilyn were sure glad they reached a point in their career when they didn't have to do those silly pics anymore. As for Rudy - he can cook in my kitchen any time!

  3. What i have to say about these precious gems ? They are the best , evergreen movies thorought life and no one can oppose them in any ways,I really appreciate and love them.

  4. @ Movie Streaming - thank you and a happy Thanksgiving to you.