Sunday, January 22, 2012


The Art of Love is just one of those 1960s comedies that came and went at the local movie theater, but it has always held a very special place in my heart. The plot revolves the scheme to pretend that starving artist Dick Van Dyke is dead so that his paintings will increase in value. I have never forgotten:
The Charming Opening Credits
How handsome James Garner was

How funny (and cute) 
Dick Van Dyke was
How lovely and sophisticated 
Angie Dickinson was
How colorful Ethel Merman 
was (check out the video clip 
for the pink hair)
And mostly how beautiful 
Elke Sommer was 
(I coveted her hair and her nose)

Some extra added features:
I knew the supporting players from The Dick Van Dyke Show!
Carl Reiner
Roger C. Carmel
And, it took place in Paris!
The Art of Love, directed by Norman Jewison, was released in 1965, was not terribly successful, and is just a funny, sweet film that I long to see again. I'll keep dreaming!

The paintings for the film were done by artist Don Cincone and can be viewed here.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dreaming of ... The Look of Pola Negri

Diva, dark beauty and exotic glamor puss, Pola Negri was the silent screen vamp deluxe.
Pola introduced the turban as a
fashion statement to Hollywood
Utterly unique, long after her gaze shifted elsewhere, you never forgot the "look" of Pola:











Yes, they had faces then, didn't they?

Monday, January 9, 2012


After that heavy Italian meal, it was really more of a nightmare, but last night I dreamed that a re-make of Gone With the Wind had been found. The new film was called Viva La Confederacy and it starred:

Elvis Presley as Rhett Butler
Ann-Margret as Scarlett O'Hara
Troy Donahue as Ashley Wilkes
Connie Stevens as Melanie Wilkes
Raquel Welch as Belle Watling
Rose Marie as Mammy
Selma Diamond as Prissy
Wally Cox as Big Sam
Oh, I tell you, it was a nightmare! It must have been the eggplant......

Let's wake up FlickChick.
She's having a nightmare, poor thing!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dreaming of... Theda Bara's Closet

Having had maybe just a few too many of those "celebrity cocktails" before venturing out the annual celebration (tip: NEVER mix a Mae West Martini with a Valentino Blood and Sand), I found myself trapped in Theda Bara's closet! Was it real or did I actually wear these to a New Year's Eve party?
This seemed a demure choice,
but there were so many more to investigate!
I found this a tad too fussy.....
especially since I was taking the bus to the party.

This was actually my favorite, but I kept tripping
over the feathers and never made it down the stairs.
No wonder I got so many text
messages from strangers!
I seem to remember dancing
to "Walk Like an Egyptian".....
Um...does that look like I am
wearing a toilet bowl on my head?
This one gave me an even bigger headache.

By all accounts, I was a hit at the party!

Feeling a bit like Liz Taylor in "Butterfield 8."
Waking up and saying "Where the hell am I?"
By all accounts, it was a swinging party, but, man, does my head hurt!