Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dreaming of..... Seductive Pearls

 Ah, the pearl....it's not just for granny. 
that seductive wench Maggie Smith
Sure, nothing screams lady like a sedate string of pearls, but a handful of pearls can also send a signal that a seductive wench is in the room.
Louise Brooks rocks the look
Theda Bara vamps it up in pearls

Gene Tierney wears her come hither pearls

Natalie Wood in a seductive pearly pose

Loretta Young wears them as a hat

Marilyn Miller toys beautifully with her pearls

Marilyn makes anything look seductive

Gloria Swanson  is a  sophisticated vision in pearls and orchids

Liz in a mask of pearls
My favorite photo - Billie Dove in her dress of pearls

Dietrich frames her famous face with luscious pearls
Audrey Hepburn made her look an instant classic

Kay Francis in an elegant tangle

For some reason, these pearls look sexier on Rita Hayworth

Grace Kelly's effortless elegance via a pearl bracelet or two

A handful of pearls got a smile out of the great Garbo
Shirley Maclaine looks adorable in her pearls

I LOVE Lucy in her pearls

A beautiful woman like Clara Bow deserves to be draped in pearls

Bette Davis eyes plus some sexy pearls are hard to resist
Nicole Kidman adds some pearls to the already perfect package
Mama Mia! The one and only Sophia
Jessica Chastain is a winner in pearls

Anne Hathaway tries a funky look

Myrna Loy's back is flawless

Josephine Baker's smart look is unequaled
And yes, Dame Maggie can twirl those
seductive seeds with the best of them