Friday, February 17, 2012

Dreaming of... How To Steal A Million

This is another one of those 60s movies that refuse to leave my consciousness. I guess I just have a soft spot for sparkling, frothy films that feature beautiful people in beautiful places (especially if it involves intrigue, art and a Paris locale). The story is really light as a feather, but there are three major things about this movie that I keep dreaming of:

1. The Beauty of Peter O'Toole. Was he ever more  handsome and romantic?
The start of my love affair with those blue eyes
and a series of swinging 60s Brits

2. The beauty of Audrey Hepburn. Dig that eye shadow!
From the moment I saw her, she was my idol

3. The fabulosity of Audrey's wardrobe. Everything I ever learned about fashion, I learned from Audrey.
Dressed for a drive

Love this "Cat Woman" look - totally ready for a caper!
What a couple - and especially love the pattered tights. 

The blazer, gold button and scarf are just divine -
as are those matching patterned tights

Audrey looked so pretty in yellow -
and white patterned tights - how 60s!
Every movie doesn't have to be a work of genius, right? Sometimes, it's just fun to remember how much fun you had at the movies.


  1. Totally agree, Ms. FlickChick. This is indeed one of the premier time capsule films of the 1960's. One that all too often gets either forgotten, or completely dismissed. But, only by people who have never been lucky enough to see it. I mean, what's not to totally fall in love with? In other words - two total on-screen icons of the first order; the never ending charm and obvious high end fashion sense of Ms. Hepburn; the wonderful breeziness of Peter O'Toole when he's allowed to have some fun for a change (eventually seen at even more high wire-like heights in "My Favorite Year"); classy, old school, Hollywood direction by William Wyler that can't help but almost effortlessly remind us, yet again, of what's so uniquely special about the stuff dreams are made of, especially when they show up looking and acting like this; of course Paris, and, oh yeah, Audrey's hair, which, for whatever reason, as styled here, I simply can't seem to get enough of. In still other words, thanks so much for putting your "Dreaming Of...." spotlight on this ever-so wonderful film.

  2. Thank you, John, for the kind words. This really is a 60s time capsule and, boy, those 2 were just the ultimate movie stars. Sitting in the theater as a kid I was hooked on the glamour. It was so much fun to have such a good time at the movies.

  3. Cat Woman here is really gorgeous and i like her good style as well here . I really got impressed from 60's and 80's movies and their passion.

  4. Loved this film and the costumes/fashions in it! Am going to share it on FB posthaste--since I missed the original publication date. Thank you, FlickChick!

  5. Ah, Inge - I actually was thinking of you when I did this. The fashion in this film is just eye-popping!