Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dreaming of...Gaslight

He was a most charming devil at the start; quite sexy and a very good kisser.
Very kissable lips, I must say.
But it was all a charade. I would have liked to have kept him around for a bit of fun, but, if I had to to do over again, I would:

1. Fire that little baggage that passed as a maid. Who needs her around making goo-goo eyes at my man?
Pack your bags, sister.
2. Go to that darn reception without him. After all, I looked so nice.
I was armed to charm.
3. Pay more attention to that nice Scotland Yard man (who seems to like me, too)
I should have held out for him, but who knew?
4. Learn more about how the lighting system in my house works.
Note to self: find out more about this new-fangled electricity.
5. Say  "how the hell should I know where the little picture and the damn brooch are?" when accused by this increasingly psycho-husband.
Hey! Hands off, deadbeat. When's the last time
you brought in a paycheck????
6. Tie him up and tell him that I just can't stand his friggin' accent anymore. My name is PAULA, not POWLA.
Shut your escargot-hole, Mister.
7. Thank him for finding the jewels. Now Scotland Yard man and I can run away to a non-foggy location.
Trade this

for this!

8. Tell the neighbor that her worst suspicions are true - I am a slut (just to get her nosy-nose all out of joint).
And, yes, I say that with glory in my heart!
One last regret: I should have had more portraits with handsome husband taken. We were pretty cute together, weren't we? 
If only he hadn't been so nuts.....


  1. I love Gaslight, I love Charles Boyer (Powla - good one!), Joseph Cotten and incredible Ingrid. I also LOVE "Shut your escargot-hole, Mister." Good stuff, FlickChick!

  2. What a fun post... I just love this new blog. I also loved Gaslight and Charles Boyer.

  3. Thank you, Becky and Samantha. No way would I let Charles get away with that stuff!

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