Friday, October 7, 2011

Dreaming of... Rear Window...

Oh to be Lisa Carol Fremont (otherwise known as Grace Kelly)! It's a sexy, glamorous dream.....
First, I have a neat, if slightly reluctant boyfriend.
We do things together!
He lives in an interesting apartment complex.
He has a cool nurse who happens to like me (says I'm loaded with love to my fingertips - nice).
I know the waiter at "21" by name and get him to make deliveries.
I can plant stories in Walter Winchell's column.
I warm brandy for my boyfriend.
I have a tiny Mark Cross overnight bag.

And, most important of all, I have one kick-ass, drop-dead-glamorous, fabulous wardrobe!

Did I mention I look good all the time every time?
I have eclectic reading tastes
Did I mention I always look fabulous?
Lisa... Carol... Fremont: Girl Detective, Fashionista, Domestic Goddess, Girlfriend.


  1. I don't think Lisa and Jeff stayed in that apt. for long, do you? Considering Lisa's glamor and connections and high flying life in New York in the '50s - wonder what HER place looked like...Now I'm starting to dream, too...

  2. You are so friggin' funny! I loved this post more than the chocolate chip cookies at Subway. (And that's sayin' somethin'!)

  3. Lady Eve - I think you're right. Lisa has to work so hard to get him,but once she does, I'll be she will be making the executive decisions. Besides, better for Jeff to recuperate from his 2 broken legs are her place.Her neighbors probably pull the shades!

  4. Why Martin - I believe that is the sweetest compliment I ever received!

  5. Would'nt it be fun if there was a film made of a day in Lisa's life ?

  6. Dawn - that would be a movie we ladies would love. And, I think she would be a lot more fun than old Jeff! It's fun to think of the lives of the characters outside of the film.