Friday, October 21, 2011

Dreaming of... The Parent Trap

This is the very first movie I ever wanted to be "in." 

Mainly, I wanted to speak like Hayley Mills.
Suddenly, I became "veddy" British. After all, if Hayley's mother could live in Boston and speak with an American accent,
and her dad could live in California and speak with an American accent,
then, it stands to reason that the product of an American woman crossed with an American man (that would be me) could speak like a Brit.
I was also mesmerized by Hayley's hair,
her cute little nose and, most of all
her name. Hayley. It was magical! I truly wanted to change my name to Hayley. Why couldn't my mom give me a cool name like that?
And ever after,I never stopped dreaming and still haven't to this day, of the wonderful role-model-teen-ager of my time, the fabulous Hayley Mills.

But, one more thing....

In my dreams, the child protective services were called and the twin's parents were locked up and put in jail for being total jerks. I mean, really, what parents keep siblings apart for their entire lives like 2 sides to an oreo cookie? 
The real "Parent Trap" for those 2 doo doo birds.


  1. Oh - I love that book this film is based on.. - and: I really like your Dreaming of.. posts! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks so much, Irene. Hayley was my idol - and I still love her (though it's funny how she got older and I didn't...).

  3. I felt the same way about The Parent Trap and Hayley Mills. My girlfriend Patty and I went to see it at the local "opera house" and we couldn't stop talking about Hayley Mills.. I always love watching this film. Thanks for reminding me of the time in the sixties when Hayley adorned the cover of all the teen magazines!!

  4. Hi Mary - I know you are a Hayley fan, so I'm glad you liked it!

  5. Ah, a pleasant blast from our shared past. Love this post, wanted it to last longer. I, too, wanted to BE Hayley. Sigh. I could watch her sing Let's Get Together a million times and never tire of it. Thanks!

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  7. Dear FlickChick,

    I was just wondering if you know whether or not you'll be able to participate in the “Singing Sweethearts Blogathon.” If you find that you will be able to participate, please let me know so I can put you down on the roster!

    If you need any suggestions, I would be glad to give some. Since you may write about movies which Jeanette and Nelson made separately, as well as the ones they made together, there are quite a few films from which to choose.

    Please let me know if you can participate. The blogathon is drawing near, and I have few participants, so I would greatly appreciate a contribution from you.

    Many thanks and good wishes!


    Rebekah Brannan