Friday, December 2, 2011

Dreaming of ... Dinner at Eight

I'm female, so I dream of being Harlow, especially in "Dinner at Eight." the splendor of icy white- hair, rugs, nightgowns, jewels, evening gowns. Art deco bracelets thrown to the floor, bob bons in bed, doctors who make house calls (and more). And the dress, ah, the dress. Dress me, Adrian, dress me! Your platinum goddess awaits.
Ssshh.... don't wake me yet.....

I just love my bedroom! 
I love my white telephone!
I can even wear a hat in bed!
Not so crazy about the maid, though....
However, I MUST change my husband - he simply will not do.
How about this one?
Or this one?
Or even this one?
Don't you agree any one of them would have been better? He was so nasty!
You see, if I had any one of these husbands, I would not have to play doctor with the doctor.
Getting ready for my weekly check-up
And then, who cares if I get invited to fancy dinner parties? I'd love my bedroom even that much more!!
Hello, Information? Can you please 
connect me to a good divorce lawyer?
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  1. I love the costumes in this film! Can you imagine wearing these to bed? My husband would be like, "What is that thing?"

  2. I wouldn't mind those get-ups if I could look like Harlow in them.

  3. Very nice post Marsha! Who doesn't love Jean Harlow?

  4. Why, thank you, Monty. Apparently everyone loves Jean!