Sunday, June 9, 2013

Postcards From My Trip With Audrey

Well, I am off on my world tour with my best gal pal, Audrey. She has promised to take me to all the best places where we will meet all the best people. I promise to send postcards!

Stop #1: New York
Dear Friend:
Audrey says that you simply have not done the Big Apple unless you breakfast at Tiffany's.

Next, we took the train to the suburbs (Glen Cove to be exact) to spend some time with her friends, the Larabees, on Long Island's fabled north shore.
The Larrabees were a dull bunch (except David), but they threw lavish parties and Linus did give me some excellent investment advice.

Before the next leg of our journey, we stopped at a quaint bookstore where Audrey often shopped (also a great hangout for photographers and models).

Stop 2: London
Dear Friend:
Audrey has a dear friend, Henry Higgins ( a rather old fashioned gent whose charm, I confess, eludes me). However, Mr. Higgins was kind enough to take us to the races and Covent Garden. Jolly Good!

Stop 3: Rome
What fun we had in Rome! Audrey has 2 reporter friends and boy, did they show us a good time! We saw all the sights and even rode a Vespa! I hate to leave.

Stop 4: Paris
It seems everyone in Paris knows Audrey! Here we saw it all!

The great attractions
We met up with her friends from the bookstore!

The bohemian nightlife

The museums

All in all, it was a fabulous whirl with my BFF! Wish you were here!

p.s. Somebody had to take the pictures!!


  1. A terrific post. I didn't know it existed. Audrey was always lovely and stylish. Did you know that she routinely spit out that Danish pastry she's eating in front of Tiffany & Company? Great stuff!

  2. Ha! I love this. So fun! Thanks for the laugh.

    --- JAVA