Saturday, August 4, 2012

Constance Talmadge: Flapper of My Dreams

I love the movie star flappers! I can't say enough about the fantastic Clara Bow, Louise Brooks and Joan Crawford, not to mention slightly lesser cinema flappers, but right now, Constance Talmadge is the flapper of my dreams!

F. Scott Fitzgerald described her as "the deft princess of lingerie and love...the flapper de luxe."

The "Flapper De Luxe"
While many movie flappers had a rebellious streak and maybe something to prove, Connie just seemed fun. She was frothy, sophisticated and oh-so modern. I admit I am utterly bewitched by her, so can we just look and enjoy?
Connie & Ronald Colman made several delightful films together
Ronnie & Connie: Eventually he got beyond the scowl and fell for her charms


Lucky George K. Arthur! Don't look so alarmed!
A vision of  1920s elegance

More Talmadge chic

And still more Talmadge chic

Easy, breezy, beautiful

Can't decide who is cuter, Connie or the pup

Normally, I'm not crazy for colorized photos, but somehow Connie and color just go together. Maybe she is just too vibrant for plain black and white.

This photo is from "Her Night of Romance"
where Connie plays a princess in dowdy disguise

A tribute to the great Constance Talmadge would not be complete without a photo or two with Connie and big sister, Norma. They were a peach of a pair!

Life is grand when you're a Talmadge girl!


  1. Constance Talmadge, like Colleen Moore (another top comedic actress of the time), is someone whose work I desperately need to see more of. Alas, it seems difficult to track down films from funny ladies of the 1920s not named Marion Davies or Clara Bow (not a putdown, mind you, since I'm a fan of both). TCM really needs to show more of Connie and Colleen.

    Here's an entry I wrote on Ms. Talmadge a few years back:

    1. Thanks, Vince - that was great. I have seen 3 of Connie's star vehicles (not counting Intolerance There is a Kino 2-pack of "Her Night of Romance" and "Her Sister From Paris." I've seen both, but need them on DVD.

  2. Beautiful photos that I have never seen. Lovely.

  3. Thanks for another wonderful post, FC! I too am a Constance Talmadge junkie. Love her pizzaz and sparkle. Apparently she had a terrific wit as well.