Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smiles, Pouts and Smoldering Looks: Hollywood Pouts That Say So Much

Who can resist a beautiful smile, a soulful pout or a sexy, smoldering look? Not me! As this is my occasionally-when-I feel-like-it blog, I'll occasionally, when I feel like it, feature my favorites of all of the above. 

Before the over-plumped "trout pout," some stars could do it all with what nature gave them. Today, I'm dreaming of these provocative pouts:

Lana Turner
Lana was the queen of the perpetual pout.

Joan Blondell
Joan's smile usually lit up the screen, but her pout was pretty potent, too.

Clara Bow
Not matter what her pose, Clara was always irresistible.

Marilyn Monroe
The woman was just blessed with it all, wasn't she?

Hedy Lamarr
Hedy was a serious pouter.

Gail Russell
The girls today would kill for Gail's natural pout.

Gene Tierney
One of nature's true beauties no matter what the pose.

Elizabeth Taylor
Who could resist Liz in full pout mode? Not many.

Pouts are not exclusive to the ladies. Some of the fellas can pout with the best, too!

Charles Boyer 
Zee pout - eet is a French, thing, no?

Robert Taylor
Before he became a rugged leading man, Robert Taylor had a serious pout going on.

James Stewart
Another leading man with a pouting past.

Louis Jourdan
Ah, the French - they are not afraid to pout!

I love pondering these Hollywood pouts!


  1. Peter O'Toole and Stephen Boyd are/were good pouters too, and those blue eyes... Yummy!

  2. Peter O'Toole could smile, pout and smolder all at once - love him. And Stephen Boyd - now there was a handsome leading man with a great pout, too (and a solid jaw).

  3. The pout is a seriously underestimated look in the modern world- great post! ~S~

  4. Agreed, Shannon - especially a natural one.

  5. I'm one of a small minority of men who isn't captivated my Marilyn Monroe's charms. I guess it's because her sexuality is so blatantly obvious and in your face. I find Clara Bow much more alluring than Marilyn, and I think Clara is a much better actor. I love Joan Blondell! I recently saw "Night Nurse," and she was a hoot.